The brand

The brand concept juxtaposes the ideas of Ethics and Luxury, leading to unusual and avant-garde design.

Its seed was sown when Cloudia visited a cotton manufacturer in Ghana to see the production process. A cassava powder (a delicious type of fibrous potato) was used to strengthen the cotton threads. This sustainable process was an ethically viable prospect to use in luxury design; the concept of EmethicaLuxury was born.

Prints development had began earlier, after a project with the Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts ( RSA ). Cloudia had researched both screen and digital printing, after which, she had written a quantitative and qualitative dissertation into both the luxury and ethical considerations within the fashion industry, as part of her MA at Ravensbourne in London.

The dress silhouettes were developed with a Dior pattern cutter, and an Aquascutum/Burberry tailor and pattern cutter assisted with production techniques and menswear. The womenswear pieces are based on three garments from Cloudia’s heritage – the boubou, the djellaba, and the kaftan.

Ethical Policies

Ethics and Luxury are laced together in this new marque. Organic and fair-trade sourced fabrics are made into luxurious clothes with the processes gained from top luxury brand artisans. Diversity is also explored in the business production as it includes skilled disabled people, retired craftsman aswell as Britsh producers within the manufacture process. 

Creative Director

As a designer Cloudia is strongly cerebral and researched based. She designs with a narrative and a desire to widen perspectives – one example is creating textile prints that illustrate how people with colour-blindness see the world.

Cloudia also brings a fresh and unique perspective into her design because she has Synaesthesia – a neurological condition that produces a criss-crossing of the senses. Cloudia feels colour. She tastes pattern. Her first language is visualisation before speech. Through Claudia’s kaleidoscope – the world looks, feels and works differently.



Synaesthesia: My life in living colour

Cloudia Vardon | TEDxBrixton

" ... Having Synaesthesia means I have a super heightened sensual awareness. I feel colour. I taste colour. I read the world through a riot of colours and patterns ... "



A true Afropolitan, Cloudia’s Ghanaian, Lebanese and English heritage have woven themselves – along with her upbringing in London and West of Ireland – deep into her work, and the Brand DNA. For EmethicaLuxury.