Wellness & Wellbeing, Experience Radical Aliveness & Connection, Breath Work, Movement, Meditation & Sound Healing.

What is Yoga?

Practice towards a state of Well - being.

Yoga is about Self-Mastery, about evolution and thriving! Our purpose here is to experience Radical Aliveness, to transform and evolve. Yoga means union, a union of Mind and Body

Why is it called a ‘Practice’?

Because evolution is a constant. The Yoga means Union of Body & Mind.

Why Practice Yoga:

Sattva (pronounced Sattwa) Hatha Asana refers too body positions, or postures, associated with the practice of Yoga. Asana is practised to open the body’s 72,000 Nadis, (energy meridians in the body six of which are in each hand and foot! Sattva Yoga practice engages and benefits more that the body’s physical system. The body’s full system of intelligence is needed to understand alignment principles of body, mind, and spirit. Yoga that focuses only on the muscular system, or any other system, in separation from the whole will create imbalance in that system and therefore in the body as a whole.  Sattva Yoga leads to an aligned, healthy body, and mind, creating balance and a sense of wholeness.

Sattva Yoga

incorporates all the main disceplines of Yoga in a class or Sattva journey, which is why I chose it for teaching. My training was in India deep in the Himalayan Mountains and on the Banks of the River Ganges in Rishikesh, Yoga Capital of the world. In the Vedic tradition merged with pure Tantric roots taught and handed down in the oral tradition by ancient Yogi Masters to student, and by my Master teacher Anand Mehrotra.

Classes, choose from:

A One hour Private Yoga class?

A 90 mins Sattwa Journey?

A group class with friends?

 A Group Class for the office?

Corporate Mindfulness packages involve a general assessment of the working patterns of staff in comparison to the circadian rhythms of the office environment, to best determine what kind of Class design would be most beneficial and tools that can be taught and incorporated into the Well-being of people.

Below are some Inter - changeable class Designs to give an idea, with One 2 One classes, each class is tailored to the Individual, and no class is ever the same.


Early morning breath work and mindful movement to awaken, with gentle mindful movement to release stored energy and stimulate. Uplift and invigorate mind and body. Breath work to increasing the capacity of the physical and mental body. Cellular reorganisation for optimal brain health, improving blood circulation, attention and focus, dissolving mental exhaustion, decreasing cholesterol levels, and correcting the effects of stress.


Lunchtime session or workshop to harmonise left and right brain functions that stimulate creativity and neural networks, receiving nourishment and to strengthen the mind, Rejuvenating, grounding, calming and stabilising the nervous system. Working with Dynamic stillness, ADD, increasing cardio vascular health, correcting the effects of stress. Activating naval intelligence,


Evening session, detoxifying from electromagnetic static frequencies, emitted from computers, tablets, and smart phone working and machines. Improving digestion and circulation, generate cellular growth in the body, decreasing blood pressure. Clearing restless thoughts, aid memory retention, activating glands for promoting chemical balances, for headaches, and sleep regulating. Cultivating more Joy, bliss, sweetness, and softening energy.